Children's Hospital Model for Wounds Excellence: an Interdisciplinary Skin Care Teamwork Centered on Smallest Patients

Paediatric patients affected by complex wounds represent a challenge for allied health professional figures involved in prevention and treatment of these injuries. High-risk groups include prematures, newborns, small for age and children admitted to Intensive Care areas.  An impressive effort is addressed to special categories of patients severely impaired because of their disabilities and associated comorbidities. Device-related wounds accounts for a 65% of all hospital acquired pressure injuries. These lesions require an immediate attention to crucial-pressure body sites, knowledge of different techologies and accurate selection of materials.

Care of serious wounds progresses through 5 phases: 1. Selection of a dedicated wound care Team; 2. Interprofessional and interdisciplinary teamwork; 3. Small-patient centered and personalized care; 4. Continuous updating of prevention-focused protocols (seating-turning-positioning-repositioning); 5. Creating and implementing a research agenda and setting research priorities for all professional specialists.

Nowadays a model for wounds excellence cannot allow terms such as “non-healing wounds”  referring to paediatric population.


  • Interdisciplinary skin care Teamwork is vital for preventing and caring complex wounds in any different area of paediatric expertise
  • A team committed to a specific entity such as skin care can enhance resource availability, communication, and follow-through
  • Nursing and biomedical burden control will help surgeons dedicated to assist children’s wounds both  intraoperatively (positioning) and in the immediate post op.
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