Early detection of pressure ulcers and identification of patients at risk by using biochemical markers

Cees Oomens, Willeke Traa, Jibbe Soetens, Dan Bader

Current methods to identify patients at risk or detect pressure ulcers at an early stage have their limitations. For early detection of deep tissue injury our focus has been on measuring muscle damage markers in blood and urine. To identify patients at risk we measure metabolic waste products and cytokines at the skin surface after a controlled mechanical loading. It is clear, however, from our recent animal- and human cohort studies that large variations in baseline values may hamper the potential and generalised use of biomarkers but, at the same time, that some individuals respond very differently to  mechanical loading. In the presentation this opportunity for improved methods to identify patients at risk will be discussed.

Three points that will be covered:
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Identification of patients at risk and early detection of pressure ulcers
  • Biochemical markers
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