Infection Prevention and Management

Wound dressings aim to restore the milieu required for skin regeneration and for protection of the wound from environmental threats and penetration of bacteria. We developed lately new formats for wound dressings with controlled release of antibiotic drugs in designed controlled manner to the surrounding tissue in order to defeat infections. These wound dressings are based on natural-synthetic hybrid structures, soy-protein based structures and highly porous synthetic structures. Our investigation focused on the effects of formulation and process parameters on the wound dressings' properties and on the antibiotic release profiles from them. We found that the nature of the wound dressing (natural / synthetic) and its microstructural features strongly affect the antibiotic release profile, while the process parameters and the drug location/dispersion in the wound dressing only slightly affected the release profile. When controlled release of the encapsulated antibiotic drug was achieved, it enabled antimicrobial effectiveness as well as faster and better wound healing process in an in-vivo model. It is clear that our novel concepts of antibiotic-eluting wound dressings suggest new solutions to old unmet needs in the field of wound healing.

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