Innovating Wound Care: Update on the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre

The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre (WWIC) was created in 2014 to provide leadership to wound prevention and healing in Wales.   WWIC is the first National Wound Healing centre world-wide and has already begun to demonstrate its value to Wales and the NHS through inward investment that has created at least 80 new jobs and the performance of national wound audits, education and training.   This presentation will focus upon two recent projects undertaken by WWIC.

In 2016 tissue viability nurses in Hywel Dda UHB and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg UHB approached WWIC and the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Intervention Service (PUPIS) to help evaluate dynamic hybrid mattresses.  This work involved three stages – physical examination of available hybrid mattresses by tissue viability nurses, infection control, manual handling and clinical engineering, followed by WWIC and PUPIS laboratory investigation of the pressure redistributing performance of hybrid mattresses and eventually clinical evaluation of the two hybrid mattresses that excelled in the first two phases within Hywel Dda UHB.  

WWIC has worked with GP Practices in South Wales documenting the outcomes of wound treatment and associated costs before and after the introduction of standardised wound management practices.  Prior to intervention 13/39 (33.3%) wounds healed within the GP Practice, post-intervention the healing rate increased to 33/49 (67.3%).   Mean costs before £308.3 (SD £284.9) rising slightly post-intervention to a mean of £316.9 (SD £318.0).    Over time the increased cost of standardised wound treatment within GP surgeries will be offset by the reduced number of patients presenting with wounds given the increased healing rate achieved within the Practice.
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