Telemedicine, A Communicational Tool

As electronic communication is getting more and more common in the health service, the organization is challenged. Are we certain that information gets to the relevant staff and how do they react/handle it? Do the “sender” receive feedback from the “receiver”?      

In most countries, I believe, there is a huge gap, concerning information, between the different health care sectors as well as between the different health care professionals. This is obviously not to the benefit of the patients.

Dealing with wounds, we have developed a common platform, web based, in order to cope with that challenge. From the platform it is possible to send electronic communication between hospitals, home care, the general practitioner, social workers, chiropodist etc.. This is done with the consent of the patient.

8 years ago it was decided to implement the system in Denmark through a national grant of € 4.000.000. Presently 25.000 patients are registered in the database, nationwide.

The main obstacles in the process of implementation have been leadership and acceptance amongst some medical doctors. These medical doctors claimed the following problems:  lack of reimbursement, not being able to have the patient physically present and on the same line: how do I handle information from other actors and still being able to run an out-patient clinic?

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